Nobelpriset i litteratur 2016 tilldelades Bob Dylan! – The Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016 awarded to Bob Dylan! – Il premio Nobel per la letteratura nel 2016 assegnato a Bob Dylan!

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Bob Dylan – Self Portrait

Nobelpriset i litteratur 2016
tilldelades Bob Dylan 

In English see down

Motiveringen från Svenska Akademien lyder: Nobelpriset i litteratur går till Bob Dylan ”som skapat nya poetiska uttryck inom den stora amerikanska sångtraditionen”. Bob Dylan får ta emot priset och hyllningarna i Stockholms konserthus på Nobeldagen den 10 december. Summan är på åtta miljoner kronor.

I oktober 2015 besökte Bob Dylan Malmö där han gav en konsert och hade en utställning med sina konstverk. Under förra året, 2015 genomförde Dylan 88 konserter i USA och Europa.

Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel – Born in 1833 in Stockholm, Sweden, died in 1896 in San Remo, Liguria in Italy.

Alfred Nobel is one of the most famous Swedes of all time. He invented dynamite and patented 355 inventions during his lifetime. Alfred Nobel’s will gave Sweden the Nobel Prize.
At his death in Italian San Remo 1896, Alfred Nobel, a fortune of 33 million swedish kronor, a staggering sum at the time. His testament was a big surprise. SEK 31 million would be used to form a special fund that each year would award prizes in chemistry, physics, physiology or medicine, literature and peace. The first Nobel Prize was awarded on December 10 1901.

Bob Dylan, 1963, with his song

”Blowing In The wind”

Bob Dylan

The author, poet, musician, etc. Bob Dylan was elected to the 2016 Nobelpristagre in literature. Photo – Corbin Outline

The Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016
awarded to Bob Dylan

The justification of the Swedish Academy reads: Nobel Prize in Literature goes to Bob Dylan ”which created new poetic expression in the great American song tradition.” Bob Dylan will receive the prize and the praise of the Stockholm Concert Hall on the Nobel Day, December 10. Is valued at eight million Swedish kronor.

In October 2015 visited Bob Dylan Malmo where he gave a concert and had an exhibition of his artwork. Last year, 2015, Dylan performed 88 concerts in the US and Europe.

Bob Dylan and his wonderful song 

”Knockin´On Heavens´s Door”

Bob Dylan Nobel 2016

A Bob Dylan il premio Nobel per la letteratura: ”Ha creato una nuova espressione poetica”

Here is an example of Bob Dylan’s authorship of a text from his song ”Sad Eyed Lady Of Lowlands” which he wrote in 1966. Here are the first two verses and the chorus.
°  °  °
Sad Eyed Lady Of Lowlands
With your mercury mouth in the missionary times,
And your eyes like smoke and your prayers like rhymes,
And your silver cross, and your voice like chimes,
Oh, do they think could bury you?
With your pockets well protected at last,
And your streetcar visions which you place on the grass,
And your flesh like silk, and your face like glass,
Who could they get to carry you?
Sad-eyed lady of the lowlands,
Where the sad-eyed prophet says that no man comes,
My warehouse eyes, my Arabian drums,
Should I put them by your gate,
Or, sad-eyed lady, should I wait?
With your sheets like metal and your belt like lace,
And your deck of cards missing the jack and the ace,
And your basement clothes and your hollow face,
Who among them can think he could outguess you?
With your silhouette when the sunlight dims
Into your eyes where the moonlight swims,
And your match-book songs and your gypsy hymns,
Who among them would try to impress you?
°  °  °
Salute Håkan Carlberg


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