To my friends in Italy – Till mina vänner i Italien – Ai miei amici in Italia – An meine Freunde in Italien – 给我在意大利的朋友

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A wonderful part of Levanto

To my friends in Italy, Liguria

°   °   °

I think of you all and your loved ones.

It’s a tough time 

Italy, and especially the northern parts of the country

are severely affected by the corona virus

I hope none of you or your loved ones 

have been affected by the virus.

I wish it all turns soon so that you all get 

a good everyday life again

and that people travel 

to Levanto and Cinque Terre 

so that your companies get a good market.

I think about you all the time

and hope that everything will 

be good again soon

and that the corona virus will disappear.

Wish you all the best of luck!

°  °  °

The whole of Italy is now in a corona quarantine, everyone is now in the same boat. The government wants people to stay home. The whole country is now standing still. Until April 3 this applies and may be extended. The consequences are also big for the business sector, mainly affected by the tourism industry. The losses are now huge for many companies and everyday life is tough for the people.

Some of my friends in Levanto who are having a difficult time right now.

Bat in his Macaja Bar in Levanto

Happy and wonderful friends at Camping Pian di Picche in Levanto.

°   °   °

-The stock markets in our entire world are falling because of the corona virus. People in the affected areas are isolated. Panic prevails on many levels. Let now the freshness and joy soon come again.

The Mayor of Levanto, Ilario Agata says: ”Now more than ever, it is now time to show the cohesion that our society, Levanto, has and always collaborate on the critical issues that affect our citizens and our municipality.”

°   °   °

Salute Håkan Carlberg


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