Today the light win over darkness and soon wins people over coronavirus! – Idag vinner ljuset över mörkret och snart vinner människorna över coronaviruset!

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The days become brighter and longer

Today the light win over darkness and

soon wins people over coronavirus!

°  °  °

Something positive that happens in these tragic corona days is that today is spring equinox and the days are now brighter and longer in the northern hemisphere. The worst hit in the world by the corona virus is now Italy and my thoughts go to the people there! With over 3,405 registered deaths, the country is now the worst affected in the world.

Italy is the most affected country in the world, curfew prevails. Soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who now plays in FC Milan, has donated Skr 1 million and started a fundraising for Humanitas Hospital which is located in several locations in northern Italy. Zlatan says: -Italia has always given me so much and this dramatic event, I want to give back even more to the country I love. Right now, Zlatan is in Sweden.

Now I wants covid-19 to disappear, that we all think and care about and support each other and together move forward and have learned something about life.

And some music from Italy

Salute Håkan Carlberg
  1. rishabh kumar skriver:

    I know we will.



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