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Il Casino´ Di Levanto

– Planning a trip to Italy this  year 2017 ?
– A good choice are Liguria:  Levanto and the Cinque Terre
Camping Pian di Picche Levanto

Pian di Picche 30 years, 2015

Have a nice stay at

Camping Pian di Picche

in Levanto

Opening April 1, 2017

Pian di Picche HCG2014

Camping Pian di Picche in Levanto – Liguria -Italy

In English!

Camping Pian di Picche founded in 1985 and is now in its 32nd year of successful operation and development of the camping,beautifully situated in the small town of Levanto next to the Cinque Terre in the southern Liguria. The campsite has a quiet and beautiful location and it is close to everything. Personal service is very much appreciated by the guests and on the Campsite Pian di Picche are pleasantness very good.

In Levanto you can swim, surf, hike in the beautiful mountains, biking to the neighboring villages, eat good locally produced food and drink and discover the beautiful city and the neighboring world-famous Cinque Terre area. More information about Camping Pian di Picche, see down. 

In Swedish !

Camping Pian di Picche startades 1985 och är nu inne på sitt 32:a år av framgångsrikt arbete och utveckling av sin camping, vackert belägen i den lilla staden Levanto intill Cinque Terre i det södra Ligurien. Campingen har ett lugnt och vackert läge, det är nära till allt. Den personliga servicen är mycket uppskattad av gästerna och på Camping Pian di Picche trivs man så bra.

I Levanto kan du bada, surfa, vandra i de vackra bergen, cykla till grannbyarna, äta god lokalt producerad mat och dryck och upptäcka den vackra staden och det intilliggande världsberömda området Cinque Terre. Mer information om kontakt och öppettider för Camping Pian di Picche, se längre ned!

Mare Ligure HCG2013

Levanto is beautifully situated next to Mare Ligure

Levanto and Mare Ligure – Surfing

Monte Rossola HCG2014

Levanto and the surrounding villages has gorgeous mountains to hike in.


From Levanto you can go by bike to many small villages.

Vernazza – Cinque Terre

In the small beautiful town of Levanto, near the Ligurian Sea and next door to the wonderful Cinque Terre lies a camping both beautifully situated and with a wonderful service, 

Camping Pian di Picche !

Camping Pian di Picche HCG2013

Camping Pian di Picche, driveway

Camping Pian di Picche HCG2013

Camping Pian di Picche Levanto – Liguria – Italy

Camping Pian di Picche HCG2013

Camping Pian di Picche – entrance

Pian di Picche Levanto HCG 2013

Camping Pian di Picche

The Camping Pian di Picche run by a family and the service is very high and the area is quiet and safe. Pian di Picche is nestled in the vineyards and within walking distance to center with shops, banks, bars and restaurants and the lovely beach close to the Ligurian Sea. It is a beautiful walk in 10-15 minutes and you are lying on the beach and the ocean are open for snorkeling, for example. If you come by train you can reach Pian di Picche after a 10 minutes walk from the station in Levanto.

Pian di Picche HCG 2013

Camping Pian di Picche

Pian di Picche HCG2013

Camping Pian di Picche

Whether you arrive by camper – caravan – car – motorcycle & camping or on interrail you can reach Camping Pian di Picche simple. Do you intend to explore the Cinque Terre, Levanto is perfect to start with. You can hike (2-3 h)  to Monterosso al Mare from Levanto,  you can take the train and then reach Monterosso in five minutes. During your stay in Levanto, you can safely leave the car.   To go by train in the area is  excellent.

Pian di Picche so full of joy!

Pian di Picche so full of joy!
You are always well received by knowledgeable and happy staff.

Whether you are retired family with children or youth, you have lots of adventures that’s right for you in the area: wonderful walks – an exciting ocean full of life – snorkelling – surfing – mountain biking. There are trails for mountain biking in the mountains – good locally produced food – fresh wines and grappa produced locally in Levanto and a calm that makes it is perfectly possible to ”just be, here and now”.

Pian di Picche HCG2013

Enrico at the bar of P di P – Cin cin !

The bar staff is filled with joy and sense of service. At the campsite there is a bar and a small wineshop with food, etc. -here are fresh showers and washing machines.


Annette and all the personal will gladly help you! The staff at Camping Pian di Picche talks among other German, English and French. Book well in advance !

Pian di Picche HCG 2013

P di P started 1985. 

Opening hours 2017:

 from April 1st  until October 

Contact information:

Tel: +39 (0187) 800 597





Adress:  Loc. Pian di Picche IT-190 15 Levanto (SP) Italy

Levanto – there are both sandy beaches and cliffs and an underwater life that impresses.

I highly recommend with 29 years experience of Camping Pian di Picche and more than 46 years experience of the Cinque Terre. Wishing you a wonderful trip and stay!

Trees to cool off – peace and quiet at Pian di Picche

Monterosso al Mare & Cinque Terre – just 5 minutes by train from Levanto

One of the beaches in Levanto – there are also cliffs and wonderful snorkeling water

Manarola 2009 Cinque Terre

Manarola – Cinque Terre

Levanto Italy HCG2014

Levanto -Liguria

Levanto Italy HCG2014

Levanto – Liguria

Levanto – so beautiful

Levanto HCG2013

Levanto from the mountains

Levanto HCG2013


Monterosso HCG2013

Time for some nice italian coffee and ice-cream

Monte Rossola HCG2013

From the top of Monte Rossola – Levanto

Scooter Levanto HCG2013

Levanto – nice Vespa by the sea

The surrounding area offers wonderful walking trails – often with breathtaking and beautiful views

The surrounding area offers wonderful walking trails – often with breathtaking and beautiful views

Here in this video, you can get an idea of how a hike from Levanto to Monterosso can be experienced:

 and this even more of the area:

Levanto and the Cinque Terre is located in southern Liguria between Genoa and La Spezia.

Distances by car:

– from Stockholm about 2300 km

– from Copenhagen about 1700 km

-from Berlin 1280 km

Distance from airports in the n. Italy:

Pisa 112 km /  Milan Malpensa airport  278 km / Genova 107 km


Finally, I want to tell you about a challenge – climb the peak of Monte Rossola.

A wonderful walk, at times pretty tough but you will get a great reward

once you’re up on the top by the view from the top, good luck!

Monte Rossola Levanto HCG2013

Monte Rossola – Levanto

Monte Rossola HCG 2013

From the top of Monte Rossola – Levanto

Liguria HCG 2013

Mare Liguria

Carl Ludvig i Ligurien 2004 HCG 2014

Even the kids love to walk in the Ligurian mountains full of olives and grapes.

Dove -Levanto HCG2013

Dove, at the beach of Levanto

Via Garibaldi Levanto HCG2013

Part of Via Garibaldi – Levanto

Levanto HCG2013

Beautiful small streets and wonderful houses in the center of Levanto

Sunset Levanto HCG2013

Wonderful sunset – Mare Liguria Levanto

Levanto Liguria HCG 2013

Levanto Surf – Sub – Swim ! ! !

Salute Håkan Carlberg
Bonassola Liguria Italy

Bonasola in the southern of Liguria Italy. Photo: CDS News

Summer in Southern Liguria continues to be hot, today the temperature is 34 ° and most indications are that this weather is continuing into August. The beaches are full of people who want to cool off in the wonderful Mare Ligure. The picture is from the beautiful beach in the village of Bonassola next to Levanto and the Cinque Terre.

Levanto fest 2015

There will be a party in Levanto !

Beautiful music, beautiful views of Liguria
Salute Håkan Carlberg
Camping Pian di Picche H Carlberg

The camping Pian di Picche started up 13th of July 1985

Camping Pian di Picche fyller 30 år idag!

In English see down!

Första besöket på Camping Pian di Picche i Italien var i juli 1987. Reste ner med bil från Söderhamn, som ligger ca 20 mil norr om Stockholm. Dottern var då 6 månader ung. Det blev en underbar färd genom Europa. Väl i Ligurien och Levanto slog vi upp vårt tält på Pian di Picche. Vi blev mycket väl mottagna av familjen som driver campingen. Har sedan besökt Levanto och Pian di Picche nästan varje år, senast i juli 2014.

Pian di Picche HCG2014

Wonderful Camping Pian di Picche – anno 2014

Under åren som sedan gått har vi kunnat se och uppleva hur campingen utvecklats för varje år som gått. Har kunnat följa hur nya generationer av campingfamiljen kommit in som medarbetare och idag är det tre generationer som arbetar på Pian di Picche. De nya generationerna har fört traditionerna vidare, traditioner som handlar om ett mycket vänligt mottagande och en hög servicenivå. Till campingen kommer gäster från hela Europa. Idag den 13 juli fyller Pian di Picche 30 år och jag framför ett stort och varmt grattis på födelsedagen.

Annette Inez Alessandra 2011

Pian di Picche: Annette Inez Alessandra anno 2011

Levanto ligger i det södra av Ligurien, intill det världsberömda området Cinque Terre. Levanto och omgivande små städer och byar erbjuder en underbar natur med berg fyllda av vinrankor och olivträd, vackra små byar, underbara vandringsleder och ett fantastiskt hav att bada, snorkla och surfa i.


Camping Pian di Picche

Levanto Liguria H CArlberg

Levanto and Mare Liguria from the top of Monte Rossola anno 2011

In English

Camping Pian di Picche turns 30 years old today!

The first visit to Camping Pian di Picche in Italy in July 1987. traveled down by car from Söderhamn, located about 20 mil north of Stockholm. The daughter was then 6 months young. It was a wonderful trip through Europe. Once in Liguria and Levanto we opened our tent at Pian di Picche. We were very well received by the family who runs the camp. Have since visited Levanto and the Pian di Picche almost every year, most recently in July 2014.

Pian di Picche HCG2014

Wonderful Camping Pian di Picche anno 2014

Over the years, we have been able to see and experience how the camp developed for each year that has passed. Have been able to follow how new generations of camping family come in as employees and today there are three generations working in Pian di Picche. The new generations have brought the traditions, traditions which deals with a very friendly reception and a high level of service. The campsite is visited by people from all over Europe. Today, July 13 fills the Pian di Picche 30 years and I in front of a large and warm happy birthday.

Pian di Picche

Always great joy at Camping Pian di Picche – anno 2011

Levanto is located in the south of Liguria, near the world famous Cinque Terre area. Levanto and the surrounding small towns and villages offer a wonderful nature with mountains filled with vines and olive trees, beautiful little villages, wonderful hiking trails and a fantastic sea bathing, discover all the aquatic animals and surf.

Carl Ludvig at PIan di Picche 2000

Carl Ludvig, to the right, at Pian di Picche anno 2000

Carl Ludvig Carlberg - Levanto

Levanto, Liguria – Carl Ludvig by the sea – anno 2009

And som nice Italian music for Camping Pian di Picche on the birthday:

Salute Håkan Carlberg

Levanto HCG2014

Levanto – Liguria – Italy 2014

 I long to Italy, Italy’s beautiful country,
where Love and Lemons, they grow upon the beach,
where nightingales trill
everything in the valley still,
and snails so red, they shine upon the sand.

Jag längtar till Italien, till Italiens sköna land,
där små citroner gula, de växa uppå strand,
där näktergalar drilla
allt uti dalen stilla,
och snäckorna så röda, de lysa uppå sand.

(Text by Birger Sjöberg 1885 -1929)

Cinque Terre HCG2014

Liguria – Italy 2014

Cinque Terre HCG2014

Monterosso al Mare -Cinque Terre – Italy 2014

Eros Ramazzotti

Eros Ramazzotti 2015

And some new music from Italy, with some american sound, by Eros Ramazzotti 

”Alla Fine Del Mondo”

Levanto 2011 HCG

Olive groves in the south of Liguria – 2011

Serafina B&B HCG 2012 Apr

Limoni matura in Serafinas giardino meraviglioso a Levanto. Settembre 2012

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre in Liguria at sunset, so wonderful. Photo: RLV

Salute Håkan Carlberg
Via Dell'amore,

Ny invigning i april 2015 av Via Dell’amore – New inauguration in April 2015 of the Via dell’Amore

Via dell ‘Amore – Cinque Terre

In English see down!

 Via dell ‘Amore, en del av vandringsleden mellan Riomaggiore och Monterosso al Mare har återinvigts. Det är en kort sträcka som liksom andra delar av leden drabbades av stora jordskred i september 2012, då fyra vandrande turister skadades. Nu har delar av leden rustats upp och gjorts säkrare. Den del som nu invigdes är just Via dell ‘Amore som går mellan Riomaggiore och Manarola. Vandringsleden är känd över hela världen för sin skönhet och för de hisnande vyerna, och är en av de största turistattraktionerna i nationalparken Cinque Terre.

Återuppbyggnaden av vandringslederna har kostat stora summor, hittills ca 2,3 miljoner Euro, och nu planeras även ett insamlingsprojekt för att kunna färdigställa hela leden och göra den säker att vandra på. Totalt beräknas kostnaden för hela leden till ca 70 miljoner Euro och tidsmässigt skall arbetet vara avslutat under 2016. Området besöks varje år av stora mängder turister från hela världen och vandringslederna i vinbergen är en stor inkomstkälla för de fem små byarna i Cinque Terre som ligger i södra delen av Ligurien.

Via Dell'amore,

Riomaggiore – Cinque Terre – Liguria

Via dell ‘Amore – Cinque Terre

Via dell ‘Amore, a part of the trail between Riomaggiore and Monterosso al Mare has been reopened. It is a short distance as well as other parts of the trail were hit by large landslides in September 2012, when four wandering tourists were injured. Now, parts of the trail restored and made safer. The part that was inaugurated is precisely Via dell ‘Amore which runs between Riomaggiore and Manarola. The trail is known worldwide for its beauty and the breathtaking views, and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Cinque Terre National Park.

The reconstruction of the trails have cost large sums, so far, about 2.3 million Euros, and now also planned a fundraising project to complete the entire trail and make it safe to walk on. Total estimated cost of the whole trail to about 70 million euros and the time the work will be completed during the 2016. The area is visited by large numbers of tourists from all over the world and hiking trails in the vineyards is a major source of revenue for the five villages of Cinque Terre is located in southern part of Liguria.

Via Dell'amore,

Una splendida vista delle Cinque Terre

Via Dell'amore,

Una splendida vista delle Cinque Terre – In the distance Monterosso al Mare

Björn Afzelius – ”Natt i Ligurien” – ”Una notte nella Liguria” -” Night in Liguria”
Riomaggiore - Cinque Terre - Bengt W Källman

Riomaggiore – Cinque Terre – Bengt W Källman 1968


Manarola – Cinque Terre

Corniglia - Cinque Terre

Corniglia – Cinque Terre

Vernazza Cinque Terre

Vernazza – Cinque Terre

Monterosso al Mare Bengt W Källman

Monterosso al Mare – Bengt W Källman 1968

Salute Håkan Carlberg
Cinque Terre

In the mountains of Cinque Terre – Liguria -Italy

In English see down!

Sciacchetrail 2015

På söndag den 29 mars genomförs ett underbart lopp i Cinque Terre med namnet ”Sciacchetrail”. Det handlar om att springa 47 kilometer på stigar som går längs vingårdar och stenmurar i de vackra bergen och genom de fem byarna i Cinque Terre. I dessa berg finns tjugo hektar vingårdar fördelade på tjugo producenter av det prestigefyllda vinet Sciacchetrà, det söta vinet tillverkat av druvorna Albarola och Vermentino. Utsikten för löparna kommer att vara magisk liksom smaken på vinet  Sciacchetrà!

(Albarola är en ljus italiensk druvsort som odlas i nordvästra Italien. Den är vanligast i regionen Ligurien där producenterna i Cinqueterre Denominazione di origine controllata (DOC) använder den som en blandningskomponent. Vermentino är en ljus druvsort, främst i italienskt vin. Det är allmänt planterad på Sardinien och i Ligurien främst under namnet Pigato).

Loppet kommer att bli en stor fest som även kommer att  inviga nya stigar i bergen kring Cinque Terre och dess vinmakare och producenter av Sciacchetrà (ca 8000 flaskor per år).

Sciacchetrail 2015

In English!

On Sunday, March 29 carried out a wonderful race in the Cinque Terre named ”Sciacchetrail”. It’s about to run 47 kilometers on trails that go along vineyards, stone walls and through the five villages of the Cinque Terre. In these mountains are twenty hectares of vineyards spread over twenty producers of the prestigious wine Sciacchetrà, the sweet wine made from grapes Albarola and Vermentino. The view of the runners will be magical as well as the taste of the wine Sciacchetrà!

(Albarola is a white Italian wine grape variety grown in the northwest Italy. It is most commonly found in the Liguria region where producers in the Cinqueterre Denominazione di origine controllata (DOC) use it as a blending component. Vermentino is a light-skinned wine grape variety, primarily found in Italian wine. It is widely planted in Sardinia, in Liguria primarily under the name Pigato),

The race will be a big party that will also inaugurate new trails in the mountains surrounding the Cinque Terre and its winemakers and producers of Sciacchetrà (about 8000 bottles per year).

Here you can see beautiful views of the wonderful area around the five villages of Cinque Terre:

Cinque Terre

Wonderful wineyards in Cinque Terre -Liguria -Italy

Cinque Terre

Part of Cinque Terre – Liguria -Italy

Salute Håkan Carlberg
Ligurien 20141130

Tempesta sulla Liguria

Once again warned of storms with large amounts of rain, lightning, floods and landslides throughout Liguria. Emergency services throughout Liguria has been put on high alert. Class one and class two warnings are issued and is valid until Monday night.

Återigen varnas för oväder med stora mängder regn, åska och risk för översvämningar och jordskred i hela Ligurien. Räddningstjänster i hela Ligurien har satts i högsta beredskap. Klass ett och klass två varningar är utfärdade och gäller till måndag kväll.


Tempesta sulla Liguria

Salute Håkan Carlberg