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Øresund – by the Danish artist Th. Skovgaard 1969

In love with a painting

Traveled back to Helsingør because I missed a new sculpture was inaugurated in June this year. How could I have miss it at the visit a week ago? I take the ferryboat across the Øresund to look for the sculpture which is named ”He”. But there will  be  things between us in my search. I walk past an antique shop on Brostæde street  named CASA ANTICA, and fall in love with an oil painting by the artist Th. Skovsgaard.
A motive taken from the inlet to Helsingør with a beautiful sailing vessel with Kronborg Castle in the fund. The artist has also managed just fine with that on the horizon to the contour of Helsingborg. The owner of the shop comes out to me, and I commend the painting. He agrees and haggle direct 150 crowns. The painting measures approximately 140 X 100 cm and I’m thinking how I can get it to the boat and on to the train to complete the journey home by bus. I feel that I really am in love with the beautiful painting. It is so beautiful and I love the ocean and I love Helsingør. Perhaps I’ll love the area because of  my artist father spent a lot of time in Denmark and was often in Gilleleje a village close at Helsingør. To be frankly, I went to CASA ANTICA to possibly find some works of my father.
I decide and by the painting. The seller wrapped paper around painting, we crossed by hand,  I pay and feel very satisfied. A work of art to rest my eyes on.

 Dreaming of  a world filled up with

a green shimmering sea.

°  °  °

A detail from the painting
About the artist:
Vilhelm Th. Skovgaard, 1913-1993
His first show he had in Odense together with ”Efterårsmalerne” 1933-34.
He studied at an art school in Odense, which was run by the artist and
art historian Herman Madsen and sculptor Cords. Moved to Bornholm,
where he worked as a painter in a ceramic factory that created the
sculpture. Among other things, these sculptures were shown at
the World Exhibition in New York.
(Source: Antikbrevkasen)
And here, a wonderful song by Ray Davis: